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SEPHORA COLLECTION Love the Lift - Mascara

SEPHORA COLLECTION Love the Lift - Mascara

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SEPHORA COLLECTION mascara (1), offering a gravity-defying curl that locks lashes from root to thinnest tips for 12 hours of lift and volume.
- Result: Curl, Lift, Volume

Say goodbye to straight eyelashes with SEPHORA COLLECTION lifting and volumizing mascara. This mascara takes lashes to another dimension! Its enriched formula takes the volume of eyelashes to the next level from the first brush stroke and fixes the curl of the eyelashes for 12 hours (1). Modular and flexible, it covers each individual lash and allows you to work on a custom volume until you reach the desired density, without weighing down your lashes or weighing them down.

Double-ended brush that lifts and curls lashes with just a few brush strokes
Equipped with an asymmetrical silicone brush, this mascara promises unprecedented results. On the curved side, its short pins catch each lash as close to the root as possible, creating an instant curl for a never-before-seen result: a curling effect of +28% (2). On the other hand, it lengthens long lashes to new heights for ultimate 12-hour lift (1).

A mascara that defies gravity wherever you go. Ideal for on-the-go, it allows you to refresh your makeup during the day and improve your look without taking up too much space.

(1) Scientific test conducted on 20 volunteers 12 hours after application.
(2) Scientific measurement on 21 volunteers after 9 brush passes.
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